Proximity ​Platform for Citizen 

We are a community platform to help citizen and public services financing proximity green sustainable projects, providing transparency and developing new inclusive ecosystem


New sources of financing, including a well-aligned investment environment, represent key requirements going forward in the low-carbon transition.


Global visibility of investments through consistent, reliable and accessible data will be needed on a global scale in order to effectively steer climate action and reduce search costs for investors. 

Awarness & Access

As private and public institutions as well as the global population are important levers in the transition to a sustainable future, it will be essential to build global awareness around environmental issues and increasing consumers’ willingness and ability to contribute to climate-friendly action

You are ProxiGreen 

An inclusive community all together


Embracing new technologies that could enable drastic reductions in GHG emissions will be key to delivering low-emissions pathways for growth​.

Blockchain technology, as a Digital Enabler for Sustainable Infrastructure​, can address these challenges by creating new ways of raising capital, providing transparency through an immutable record of transactions, and establishing new inclusive market mechanisms.

Our ProxiGreen global platform is our strength.